Polymer Polyol (POP)

Polymer polyols are defined as very fine and stable dispersions of solid polymers (vinylic polymers and copolymers, polyurea, polyurethanes) in liquid polyethers. Currently polymer polyols represent one of the most important group of polyolic intermediates for elastic polyurethanes. The experience of flexible foam manufacture using polyols containing inorganic fillers (BaSO 4, CaCO 3), leads to the observation that fillers act as nucleating agents during the foaming process and aid cell opening at the end of the rise process, and the hardness or load bearing properties of the resulting filled flexible PU foams are markedly improved. Generally the inorganic fillers substantially increase the flexible foam density.


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SKC Chemicals YUKOL 7930 Technical Datasheet (TDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)